Записки экономического преступника (dmitrygololobov) wrote,
Записки экономического преступника

Как судили в доброй старой Англии.

Сейчас доступны протоколы и записи английский судов почти двухсотлетней давности. Характерное дело: хищение платья стоимостью пять шиллингов. Краткость процесса (по ссылки есть подлинный репорт). Подсудимому 18 лет. Приговор: 7 лет каторги. Можно сравнить с современными российскими судами.

THOMAS SMITH, Theft > simple larceny, 27th May 1830.
Reference Number: t18300527-114

1145. THOMAS SMITH was indicted for stealing, on the 29th of April , 1 gown, value 5s. , the goods of Jane Hannaway .

JANE HANNAWAY . I am single , and live at the public-house in which the prisoner lodged. I lost my gown on the 29th of April, from a box in the room adjoining where he slept; on that morning he came down and went into the yard - he came in again and went up stairs; he then came and asked me for his bundle, and I gave it him - he went up again for his gaiters, as he said; he came down again, had half a pint of beer, and went out; I went up stairs, and found my box had been disturbed - I looked, and missed my gown; I told my master.

JAMES JEEFS . I am a constable. I took the prisoner in Hounslow; the witness' master was with me, and gave me charge of him - I found the gown in his bundle; he did not give any account of it.

GUILTY . Aged 18. - Transported for Seven Years .

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