Записки экономического преступника (dmitrygololobov) wrote,
Записки экономического преступника

Тяжела и неказиста жизнь британского юриста

Стоит внимательно почитать тем юристам, кто очень хочет жить в Британии. Заем на учебу, съемное жилье, огромный рабочий день и заработок 2.5 тыс. рублей за день. Сравните с заработком адвоката в Москве (только реальным, а не декларируемым) от чего еще отнимите британские налоги и цены на лондонский транспорт.

I have worked as a criminal barrister since 2007. I am 31 years old, state-school educated and from a single-parent family. I became a legal aid criminal barrister because I was committed to representing those who could not afford to pay for a lawyer.
I had to take out a loan to pay for my legal education. I knew this was a risk because I was not going to become a well-paid commercial lawyer, but I was prepared to take that risk because justice for all matters to me.
Even though I have a very busy practice, it has been a constant struggle: I work extremely long hours; I sometimes earn as little as £50 per day; I struggle to pay my rent and expenses each month, and I remain in debt.
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