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Как проститутки поимели лондонскую полицию

Две дамы выиграли суд у Сктоланд-Ярда, который пытался закрыть квартиры, где они работали, после неожиданного утреннего обыска. «Работницы» доказали суду, что работали самостоятельное, не контролировались орг. преступностью и так им было гораздо безопаснее, чем на улице. Двое других, которые не смогли доказать, что работали «самостоятельно», а не под контролем, дело проиграли. Именно за подобные дела когда проститутки «имеют» полицию, мы и любим британские суды.

London sex workers win legal challenge against police decision to shut down their flats

Two sex workers have claimed victory against Scotland Yard after they overturned a decision to shut down their flats after early morning police raids in Soho.

The flats had been shut for a minimum of three months after police argued that the women working there were being controlled, or incited to commit prostitution. It was one of 18 addresses targeted by officers in a crackdown on a notorious crime hotspot in London’s red light district.

However, the women said they were working of their own free will and it was safer to work where there was CCTV cameras in the building and where maids helped to vet customers. The women warned they would be at greater risk from harm if they had to work elsewhere or pick up trade on the streets.

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