Записки экономического преступника (dmitrygololobov) wrote,
Записки экономического преступника

Новые уроки практического юридического английского

COUNSEL: You're a f**king liar

JUDGE: Please rephrase.

COUNSEL: You're a lying f**ker
WITNESS: It was the defendant that entered my shop and threatened me, I have no doubt.

DEFENDANT: You are lying! I should of blown your head off!


DEFENDANT: ... if I had been there of cours
WITNESS: Then that f****** liar Claire knocked on the door.

JUDGE: I will not tell you again, please mind your language in my court and stick to just the facts, please continue...

WITNESS: Then I said who's that at the door and my mother said "I bet it's that f****** liar Claire."
COUNSEL: So where was Ian when you were hit by the car?

WITNESS: To my left

COUNSEL: How far away?

WITNESS: It's hard to say, I was being hit by
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