Записки экономического преступника (dmitrygololobov) wrote,
Записки экономического преступника

Новый тест на знание юридического английского

COUNSEL: Some of the parents of these young men are here today…

JUDGE: Will the mothers stand up.

(Defendants all stand)

JUDGE: Not you!
DEFENDANT: So how do you think this morning went?

BARRISTER: Really well I believe

DEFENDANT: Excellent

BARRISTER: But I am prosecuting, you may want to ask your barrister who is over there
BARRISTER: You said in your witness statement that you thought the defendant might be selling drugs - why was that?

WITNESS: I don't know if you have ever been to the Boro [Middlesbrough] but not many people drive a yellow Hummer
JUDGE: Can you be a fair juror?


JUDGE: Have you ever seen the accused before?

JUROR: Yes, the day before he stole the car
BARRISTER: You accept yourself you are a heavy drug user?

WITNESS: Yes, heroin, cannabis, pills and cocaine when I could afford it

BARRISTER: Did you ever blackout when taking drugs?

WITNESS: Not that I remember no...
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