February 13th, 2014


Вот раньше были адвокаты….

The Attorneys and Solicitors Act 1728 prevented anyone from practising as a solicitor unless he had undertaken an articled clerkship lasting five years.
Согласно закона 1728 солиситором можно было стать только после прохождения пятилетнего практического обучения

After the Law Society refused to allow four women to sit the Law Society exams in 1913, the women took their case to court, and lost, with Mr Justice Joyce ruling that women were not "persons" within the meaning of the 1843 Solicitors Act.
В 1913 суд отказал четырем женщинам, которые хотели стать солиситорами, указав, что соответствующий закон на них не распространяется.

The Solicitors (Articled Clerks) Act 1918 allowed time spent serving in the war to count towards the term of years of a solicitor's training.
Время, проведенное на войне, по закону 1918 года, засчитывалось в срок практического обучения.


Новый тест на знание юридического английского

BARRISTER: Were you leaning up against the open or closed door?

WITNESS: The closed door, I am unsure how you lean on a open door, there would be a hole there, you would fall straight through..
MAGISTRATE: Now Mr *****, are you the defendant?

DEFENDANT: No, I am the guy that stole the frozen chickens
BARRISTER: And you were trespassing because?

WITNESS: I was 'planking' for a photo

BARRISTER: Your Honour, planking is where one lays outstretched; face down flat, like a plank.

JUDGE: Well Mr ***** if you can resist planking for a further 15 mins we will be having a short adjournment.

COUNSEL: And is it true that then your wife would often beat you with a clear impunity?

WITNESS: No sir, it was mostly with a potato masher.

DEFENDANT: I would like to represent myself as I am not happy with my legal representation

JUDGE: On what grounds?

DEFENDANT: He is not interested in my case

JUDGE: Do you have anything to add Mr *********

LAWYER: Sorry what?